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Classes for 2 Year Olds

Sports classes for 2 year olds in Bromley and Sevenoaks
2 year olds are joined by Mums, Dads or guardians who join in to help and encourage them. The levels of skill and the varying degrees of concentration and abilities is enormous, so we have developed a program that is structured without losing the essential fun element. We teach basic ball skills such as throwing, catching, hitting & aiming and cover ball sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey and cricket. Every class includes individual & group activities, as well as… homework! It’s amazing what they can do.

Our coaches and helpers are all trained, experienced and mothers or fathers themselves, creating an atmosphere which is as welcoming and unintimidating as possible – we believe we must have seen it all and after 26 years experience, there isn’t much we haven’t come across!

“Microsport is fab. My 2 sons have loved it and have developed physically, socially and emotionally through it. Angela is one of the very best kids’ coaches around – and we’ve tried so many different things in the Beckenham/Bromley area. She and her team put kids at their ease, have fun and learn – the right combination of warmth and focus. Simply great! Thank you.”

Hilary (Netmums)

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Classes for 3 – 4 Year Olds

Sports classes for 2 year olds in Bromley and Sevenoaks

The children in this age group usually work in small groups according to their ability. Each week we focus on a particular sport and its associated techniques and skills. The activities they do are more challenging than those done by the 2 year olds, but our priority is to make sport fun, whilst encouraging them to improve their skills. As their confidence grows, their ability increases and we are always very proud of them when they leave to go to school.

Apart from the skills directly related to specific sports like tennis, soccer, basketball, cricket, hockey and athletics, we also encourage:

  • Social interaction and team work
  • Learning to share and take turns
  • Language and numeric skills
  • Sporting vocabulary
  • Learning how to score etc.
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills: balance, movement, speed, body control, spatial awareness
  • Discipline and preparation for school: learning to follow instructions.

Our classes are run by experienced and trained class teachers who are friendly and welcoming.

“My son started this class in September and loves it! The ladies that run it are lovely and make the children feel confident and comfortable. He is quickly developing lots of new skills.”


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Classes for 4 – 8 Year Olds

We have a popular after school sports club in Beckenham on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Camden on Mondays for school children aged 4-8, in which sports skills are developed still further. New children are, of course, very welcome.

In some school holidays we have Holiday Microsport sessions for 3-8 year olds. These are always oversubscribed and currently attending Microsports have priority booking, but are welcome to bring friends.

“A third of British children aged two to seven don’t get even the minimum amount of exercise they need every week.”

(British Heart Foundation)

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