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    Microsport offers multi-sports classes and parties for pre-school children in Kentish Town, Marylebone and West Hampstead. We have been the leading sports coaching organisation for pre-school children in the south east since 1991.

    In our opinion sport is all about having fun and staying healthy. Getting involved from an early age is A VERY GOOD THING!

    At Microsport our aim is to encourage children to develop their interest young. We hope it will last a lifetime.

    Booking is now open for our Summer term – find a class.

  • Children's Sports Classes Camden

    Learn Real Sports

    Through our entertaining, unique program we coach skills for ball sports like tennis, soccer, hockey, rugby, cricket, basketball as well as general sporting skills and athletics.

    We cater for everyone, boys and girls, talented, not so talented, hoping to give all our Microsports the confidence to participate at any level.

    “Absolutely love this class. My 3 year old charge is very sporty and Ben is amazing at challenging her. However he is also very good at bringing more shy children out of their shell. The activities are mixed up every week so the children don’t get bored and are trying lots of new sports and games. Cannot recommend this class enough!”


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    Sport Class for Kids in Camden

    Kids & Parents Having Fun

    Sport Class for Kids

    Young children learn best when they are enjoying what they do, so the element of enjoyment for all is crucial to our success.

    All 2 year olds are accompanied by eager parents who will not want not miss out on all the fun! Parental guidance at this stage helps us create a positive, pressure free and encouraging environment.

    More confident 3 and 4 year olds can then move on to more independent and challenging activities.

    “Coach Ben's class is perfect - he is patient, kind and encouraging to both parents and kids...My daughter loves him, was delighted when he agreed to host her 3rd birthday party and can't stop asking me when we get to see him next. Toddlers don't lie! If she (and I) could give him a gazillion stars we would and recommend wholeheartedly that you give his class a try!”


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    Added benefits – EYFS goals

    We all know how important it is for children to play, so it’s nice to know that while they’re having fun at Microsport they will also be learning lots of important life lessons. Microsport classes cover lots of areas of learning within EYFS goals including:
    • communication and language – following instructions, showing two-channelled attention and understanding concepts such as big/little
    • physical development – experimenting with different ways of moving, controlling objects by pushing, patting, throwing, catching or kicking, and handling equipment safely
    • personal, social and emotional development – developing the confidence to try new activities, meet new people, play co-operatively and follow rules
    • maths – using counting and shapes accurately in play, and using positional language
    • understanding the world – looking closely at similarities, patterns, differences and change
    • expressive arts and design – singing songs, choosing a particular colour for a purpose and playing alongside other children who are engaged in a theme.