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    Microsport has been the leading sports coaching organisation for pre-school children in the Bromley area since 1991. We therefore celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2016!!

    In our opinion sport is all about having fun and staying healthy. Getting involved from an early age is A VERY GOOD THING!!

    At Microsport our aim is to encourage children to develop their interest young. We hope it will last a lifetime.

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    Learn Real Sports

    Through our entertaining, unique program we coach skills for ball sports like tennis, soccer, hockey, rugby, cricket, basketball as well as general sporting skills and athletics.

    We cater for everyone, boys and girls, talented, not so talented, hoping to give all our Microsports the confidence to participate at any level.

    “Microsport has provided my children with a variety of skills, is a great preparation for starting school, and has encouraged their interest and enthusiasm for sport”

    Julia, mother of Callum, Maria and Euan

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    Sport Class for Kids in Bromley

    Kids & Parents Having Fun

    Sport Class for Kids

    Young children learn best when they are enjoying what they do, so the element of enjoyment for all is crucial to our success.

    All 2 year olds are accompanied by eager parents who will not want not miss out on all the fun! Parental guidance at this stage helps us create a positive, pressure free and encouraging environment.

    More confident 3&4 year olds can then move on to more independent & challenging activities.

    “Lucy & Charlie thoroughly enjoyed Microsport this term and can’t wait to do it again. Many thanks to you all for making this activity so much fun!”


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    Netmums feedback:
    "My son has been attending Microsport for a year now and he absolutely loves it. He started out quite reluctant to participate and unsure of himself and somehow Angela brought him out of his shell and he was soon feeling more confident and eager to join in. Angela and Belinda are a super team and they are always so enthusiastic and energetic. My son has learned some really valuable sports skills and just seems so much more physically able after each week. He is now more adventurous and willing to give physical challenges in the playground a go. I cannot recommend Microsport enough, it is an incredibly awesome activity, which Angela leads with true passion and commitment. Go Microsport!!"

    "These classes are superb. My older son was really inspired by it and is now very keen on any ball sport. It is fun and gives children great confidence. My younger son is now attending classes for 2 year olds and loves it. I can't recommend it highly enough." Netmums West Kent